Ananda Devices
Scalable neurons-on-a-chip platform to test toxicity and efficacy of compounds in over 3,000 human neurons in vitro in less than 30 minutes
andson biotech logo 600
Andson Biotech
High-throughput, microfluidic enabled platforms for at-line and inline mass spectrometry
aopia logo
Aopia Biosciences
NanoEX is a next-gen exosome isolation platform that fundamentally addresses all existing issues.
argome logo
Smart nanoparticle platform for a unified next-gen multiomic workflow
Atom Bioworks logo
Atom BioWorks
AI software programmed DNA scaffold that displays multiple ligands for multivalent binding to viruses and cancer cells
atomnaut logo
AtomScope is the world’s highest resolution microscope – in-situ vitrification, 3D atomic-scale imaging & mass spectrometry.
aureka logo
Aureka Biotechnologies
Developing a best-in-class therapeutic discovery platform that integrates high-throughput, single-cell-based functional screening with AI-based drug design and development.
bacstitch dna logo
BacStitch DNA
Simplified and scaled engineering of long and complex DNA
bennubio logo
A simplified approach for rapid, high throughput multiplex analysis of intact 3D multicellular models to advance biological discovery and accelerate drug development.
bioraptor logo
The operating system for biotechnology companies, an end-to-end AI-powered data platform accelerating time to market, lowering costs, and improving quality.
cellbox logo
Cellbox Solutions
Intelligent, active CO2 incubator for transporting living cells, organoids and tissues under ideal conditions
cellchorus logo
The only single-cell analysis platform that evaluates in high throughput how individual cells move, activate, interact, kill and survive
High throughput time lapse imaging of single cells with combined transcriptomic and proteomic analysis.
Clara Biotech
Exosome isolation platform enabling next generation biotechnology.
crisprqc logo
CRISPR QC empowers scientists with the knowledge to control and predict gene editing.
dalton bioanalytics logo
Dalton Bioanalytics
Dalton’s Omni-MS® profiles thousands of proteins, lipids, metabolites, and other molecules, generating multiomics data from a single sample using a single assay.
drop genie logo
Drop Genie
High throughput low volume discovery platform that enables genome wide arrayed CRISPR screens in primary cells
elemental machines
Elemental Machines
IoT devices and cloud analytics to empower life science laboratory R&D and Operations.
enrich biosystems logo
Enrich Biosystems
Enrich Biosystems is developing novel high-throughput, microfluidics-free cell discovery platforms that addresses critical gaps in existing technologies.
Entropic biosciences logo
Entropic Biosciences
Sample preparation kit for rapid, efficient growth of patient-derived cancer organoids (PDCOs) and life science applications
Epigenomic solutions that are quantitative, scalable for drug development and personalized medicine.
ferrologix logo
Rapid, high-purity, efficient cell separations with FACS precision and MACS simplicity on a scalable disposable cartridge
gennext technologies logo
GenNext Technologies
Elucidating the critical role that protein Higher Order Structure (HOS) plays in the safety, stability, and effectiveness of biotherapeutics.
glyphic bio
Glyphic Biotechnologies
Single-molecule next-generation protein sequencing.
Indee labs logo
Indee Labs
We develop, market & sell instruments for more effective engineered cell therapies.