zymvol biomodeling logo
Zymvol Biomodeling
Multiscale computational protocol for screening enzyme variants
kolibri logo
Playing music to cells to unlock patient access to high-value biologics
ferrologix logo
Rapid, high-purity, efficient cell separations with FACS precision and MACS simplicity on a scalable disposable cartridge
cellbox logo
Cellbox Solutions
Intelligent, active CO2 incubator for transporting living cells, organoids and tissues under ideal conditions
Low-cost long-read genome sequencing to improve diagnostic yield of genetic disorders
Atom Bioworks logo
Atom BioWorks
AI software programmed DNA scaffold that displays multiple ligands for multivalent binding to viruses and cancer cells
RealSeq biosciences logo
RealSeq Biosciences
Highly accurate small RNA detection technology allowing for real-time profiling of disease markers dramatically improving diagnosis and treatment.
dalton bioanalytics logo
Dalton Bioanalytics
Dalton’s Omni-MS® profiles thousands of proteins, lipids, metabolites, and other molecules, generating multiomics data from a single sample using a single assay.
xmd diagnostics logo
xMD Diagnostics
Molecular diagnostics tool company whose technology isolates, and enriches tumor cells from biopsies, thus improving PCR, sequencing & NGS molecular testing and patient outcomes
Opera Bioscience
Transforming manufacturing of proteins, growth factors, and reagents through a scalable and cost-efficient platform
gennext technologies logo
GenNext Technologies
Elucidating the critical role that protein Higher Order Structure (HOS) plays in the safety, stability, and effectiveness of biotherapeutics.
drop genie logo
Drop Genie
High throughput low volume discovery platform that enables genome wide arrayed CRISPR screens in primary cells
cellchorus logo
The only single-cell analysis platform that evaluates in high throughput how individual cells move, activate, interact, kill and survive
Ananda Devices
Scalable neurons-on-a-chip platform to test toxicity and efficacy of compounds in over 3,000 human neurons in vitro in less than 30 minutes
High throughput time lapse imaging of single cells with combined transcriptomic and proteomic analysis.
Stellate DNA
Stellate GatalystsTM for safe and precise genomic integration of large payloads.
machine bio
Machine Bio
Trans-Membrane Protein Synthesis platform that can produce pure protein in hours.
lino biotech
Lino Biotech
Eliminating guess work in pharma & biotech research by directly measuring interactions in crude biological samples.
Kino Discovery
Microfluidic device and system for generating cells from tissues for single cell diagnostics.
glyphic bio
Glyphic Biotechnologies
Single-molecule next-generation protein sequencing.